• 台灣瑜伽協會永偵教練場瑜伽導師班認證證書
  • Yoga Instructor’s Course from SVYASA Bangalore, India
  • Advance Yoga Teacher Training Certicied by SVYASA Bangalore, India
  • Ayurvedic Body Work, School of Ayurveda and Panchkarma, Kerala
  • Mahavastu(Studies of Five Elements of the nature) Expert , Delhi

  • Why to practice yoga? When a baby is born, it’s in the pure state of body and mind. Hence the baby is always blissful and playful. During the growing days, baby also eats and drinks food which is nutritious. But as baby starts growing, she starts making choices in life which affects the pure state of body and mind. As a result, we accumulate toxins and stress in the body. It affects the basic functioning of the body and mind and results into poor decision making in the life. The decisions are not based on what is good and bad but the decisions are based on greed, fear, insecurity, etc. Hence we find that sometimes people become very rich but always remain sick and bad temper. Thus yoga helps to basically balance the body and mind by removing stress and toxins from the body. That is why it is found that many people become happy and satisfied after yoga practice and within few weeks their skin starts glowing making them look young and energetic.

  • My Message to Students: It is very important to earn money and live a comfortable and luxurious life. But it’s even more important to be healthy and fit. What is the use if you buy a new car but cannot drive because cannot sit straight because of back pain? Or cannot operate breaks because of ankle sprain? We earn money to improve the quality of life and if one has low energy or often fall sick then how can he or she enjoy that money? If work gives stress and create bad temper then family relationship will be disturbed then whats the use of money? Hence become millionaire and rich but give one hour to